The book on "Factors Affect English learning" has been published by Lambert academic publishing German.

People who are interested to have /in buying this book can order their copies through net:

0r, Special discount can be given to Indian research scholars by contacting the author's personal mail address:

    Journal Current Articles

    MJAL 10:2 Summer 2018   ISSN 0974-8741

  1. The Study of Student-Centered Approach Focused on Burnout by Mixed Method among EFL Learners
    by Gholam – Reza Parvizi
  2. MJAL 10:1Winter2018   ISSN 0974-8741

  3. A Critical Evaluation of Business Administration ESP Textbook in View of Iranian Language Learners’ Needs
    by Samad Mirza Suzani
  4. Lexical Knowledge Attrition in Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition
    by 1. Revathi Srinivas 2. Sunama Patro
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